Friday, May 13, 2005

Hooked on surfing for credits

I have become so hooked on surfing for credits that I cannot get back to my writing. One day I sat down to write a book. I was on a roll with it too. I was so happy that finally I found something I was so passionate about. I wanted to share the story with the world. Then one day I decided to surf the net in order to find out how to promote a book. I started reading and reading the material until I ran across someone else's blog about how they were blogging their book. I then became so interested in what they had to say that I got sidetracked. I looked into what blogging was all about. After all of these years of surfing the internet, I have never heard of a blog. Then I discovered that there were millions of people who had blogs. I decided to get a blog and I have been blogging ever since. From sitting down with the sole purpose in mind of writing a book to next becoming hooked on blogging. I have to get back to writing my book. I want to be an accomplished author like Faye Brown.


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