Saturday, May 14, 2005

I Will Spend Time Talking About Reading Novels

I decide that I will spend time on reading novels. I believe more people should read novels. Reading novels is an important aspect of personal growth. It can change people's lives for the better. If I spend more time talking about reading novels, maybe I can sway more people to read. When Oprah had her book club, more people started reading. As soon as her book club ended, there appears to be a decline in novel readership. I would like to encourage people to read more books and novels. Oprah should not be the one to cause people to stop reading. There are a lot of new authors out there who have wonderful novels. It is unfortunate of course that they have not been able to get exposure for their books. Those authors whose books were profiled by Oprah had an advantage. These new authors, however, are not so lucky. They need a voice. They need someone to hear them. They are not the ones you will see on The New York Times Book Review. That does not mean that their work is not high quality. Give them a chance. If you do you will also be giving yourself a chance to explore a broader world of new novels.


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