Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Should I Go In That Direction?

Today I kept asking myself, should I go in that direction? I have to let go and realize that I do not control anything. I believe if I truly gave up control and went with the flow, I would be able to improve my writing. I know in my mind that I need to give up control but my actions are totally different. This is something I will keep on practicing. Today I will do something daring. I will break out of that safe cocoon I have wrapped myself around. I will be bold and take that chance. I wish I could do something like being on the show "Survivor" just to see exactly what I am made of. In fact I really do not have to be on such a show to show my physical strength and endurance. I will keep on trying. If I fail, I fail. But what is really failure? Failure is not trying at all. If I keep trying, then I really haven't failed.


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